Untitled : A Girl's journey

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Animated Short Film

What is it like for a child growing up with depression?

And what becomes of her as an adult?

The Film


From infancy to adulthood, a young girl struggles to overcome a crippling disorder that only few can see and even fewer understand.

This animated short film follows the life of a young woman from birth to the workforce battling the many faces that major depressive disorder possesses and the ruthlessness of this condition towards her. Despite the tenacity and resolve she displays throughout her academic years, she runs on fumes and lives in dejection as a CEO in corporate America. It is only with outside help and understanding that derails the inevitability of her outcome.

From the cradle to the workforce, major depressive disorder is ubiquitous. It is a secretive condition, hidden in plain sight. This work was created with young children in mind who may not have the tools or language to express exactly what they are feeling and why. UNTITLED: A GIRL’S JOURNEY is a visual essay of personal encounters with this disorder.

Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Hobbs

The creator of Untitled: A Girl’s Journey and the Owner & Founder of Canary

Entertainment Studios; a budding new multi-media film, and animation start-up company that creates socially responsible content for children and families.

Sonya Denyse

As the Founder of DreamDevelopment, Sonya serves as a base of entertainment professionals and notable clients, supporting their execution and delivery of creative projects. Sonya has raised $1M to help public and private sectors clients realize their dreams through corporate sponsorship, crowdfunding, product placement, and individual donations/investment.

Exodoanimation Studios

Exodoanimation is an award-winning animation studio that has provided clients with top-notch

animation services, offering a wide variety of services; traditional animation, flash animation,

aftereffects animation, character design, concept design, digital painting, graphic design, and much more. Their clients include Walt Disney Studios, ESPN, Nissan, McGraw Hill, Nickelodeon, and a host of other brands.

Mark Bueller

Mark Buller is a composer based in Houston. His music has been heard in venues around the world, from Carnegie Hall and the Moscow Conservatory to offbeat locations such as the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney and MOVIMENTO in Munich. His orchestral works have been performed by leading orchestras and conductors, and his music for vocal and choral forces have been presented around the world.


Starting a conversation with a friend, coworker, or loved one about depression can be uncomfortable at best and intrusive at its worst. However, entertainment can both polarize and unify; it encourages passionate debates and can bring about a sense of nostalgia. I hope A Girl’s Journey will be used as an open door, creating a way to address mental health, specifically in underserved communities. With this creative work, Canary Entertainment Studios would like to add to the growing number of mental health resources for schools, counselors, and families. Through various partnerships with the mental health community, the goal is to package depression in an understandable and less scary way for children and adolescents.

Social Impact

Creative Minds, Strong Hearts workshop, is a unique and engaging cross-county program designed to help children and teens understand and cope with depression. A program created in an effort to contribute to the growing number of students within the public school system struggling with depression. Recognizing the importance of addressing mental health at an early age, we have developed this workshop specifically for children and teens in Georgia, with a focus on the counties of Dekalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, and Fulton. With the consultation of a licensed therapist, we have carefully created an age-appropriate film that sensitively portrays the topic of depression, taking into account the emotional vulnerability of our young audience.

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